A customer satisfaction survey explored Colonial Penn Life Insurance complaints of recent customers. Findings categorized Colonial Penn Life Insurance complaints of recent customers in nearly all product categories.

Colonial Penn Life Insurance Satisfaction Survey
The main question asked in the survey was “How satisfied are you with Colonial Penn?” Results were distributed according to five rating categories:

• 12 %  Extremely Satisfied
• 0 %  Very Satisfied
• 8%  Somewhat Satisfied
• 19% Unsatisfied
• 62% Very Unsatisfied

The total number of customers responding was not released. Customers visiting the Colonial Penn Life Insurance website were invited to complete the survey.

colonial life insurance complaints

Colonial Penn Life Insurance Complaints Summary
Unsatisfied customers noted their complaints in the survey “Comments” section. Some of the highlights included:

• “The billing department staff is incompetent. They are inept taking payments over the phone. Their managers fail to hold their agents accountable for taking payments correctly. In addition to failing to take payments correctly over the phone, the agents fail to apply the payments correctly to my bill. It seems the company doesn’t have a system for hiring competent people who know or can be trained in what quality customer service is all about. Someone has to do something about this.”

• “My husband’s life insurance policy was maintained for years and kept up to date. When he died the Colonial Penn Life Insurance Company was consistently trying to find every excuse not to pay benefits on the claim. I have been fighting tooth and nail for months to get them to pay me what I am owed as the beneficiary. This is outright insurance fraud.”

• ”Their customer service is awful!!!!”

• “I have a short-term disability policy with Colonial Penn. Talk about slow! They process claims about as fast as a melting glacier. And it is so difficult to collect payment. Each month I am asked to provide more medical information. It is always the same reply to whatever I send in to them: we need more. They take two weeks to process whatever I send them. Then, while it is being processed someone will call asking for the same information that has already been received. I have to supplement their policy with AFLAC. AFLAC ROCKS! Colonial was a mistake. When the benefit is paid in full I will cancel.”

• “Recently diagnosed with a debilitating disease I was ordered by two doctors to take three months off from work. My disability claim was denied by Colonial Penn. Now I have to go back to work before I am well enough to perform my duties. I might lose my job as a result. How is this fair?”

• “Colonial Penn customer service is terrible. My calls go to India. The operators answer in this cheesy sing-songy accent. It sounds so unprofessional. I know that is how they speak the English language and it is not their fault. But I just get this feeling that I am talking to lunatics who don’t really care what is going on with me. I spend all this money with Penn and they can’t even come across as a real insurance company. At Colonial Penn Life Insurance complaints are the rule!”

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