Colonial penn life insurance primarily aims at the old people who have acquired the age of 50 or above but not more than 85. This insurance company focuses on guaranteed acceptance and also on whole life insurance. Those who subscribe for  life insurance by colonial penn policy do not have to undergo any medical examination and are not queried about health related questions. They just have to pay $9.95 per month for guaranteed acceptance.

Most of the other life insurance companies appoint underwriters to collect medical information. If you are aged between 50 and 85 you can avail guaranteed acceptance of colonial penn life insurance and that too without any physical examination or health related questions. The policy has two-year limited benefit period.

colonial penn life insurance reviews

There are several other benefits of this life insurance like it has fixed lock in rate which never increases. The coverage of this policy can never be cancelled until you regularly pay your premiums. Just a year after the coverage of this life insurance policy your cash value starts building. If the holder of the policy is not satisfied then he can just return his insurance documents in a 30 day period and he will get full reimbursement of the premiums that he has paid.

It  has been more than fifty years that the life insurance by colonial penn has been serving its customers with dedication. This life insurance company is located at Philadelphia in Pennsylvania. All the operations of the company are fully computerized and policies are customer friendly. No doubts, it is a market leader in providing life insurance coverage. This life insurance policy is also available for young people who have acquired the age of 18.

All across the United States, the policy has many subscribers because these policies meets the needs of its customers and offer them guaranteed acceptance without any examination and health questions. This policy is available at an affordable rate. To know more about life insurance by Colonial penn policy, one just have to explore the website of the company to gather useful information and also to know about the type of policy coverage they should seek which suits their age. If you are aged 18-75 then you can go for five year renewable life insurance. People can also lock in their premiums for20 year term life insurance cover in order to get more benefitted.

Colonial Penn Life Insurance Reviews

In the United States, life insurance with colonial penn policy is one among the most popular life insurance policies. Apart from providing guaranteed acceptance, the colonial life insurance company also provides whole life insurance and other term life insurance policies. This well known and trustworthy company was previously known as Conesco Direct life Insurance company which was founded in 1879.

So avail the benefits of Colonial Penn Life Insurance policy by getting an insurance cover for yourself at an affordable rate.

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