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If you are looking to purchase a Medicare supplement plan then you might want to take at look at Colonial Penn Medicare Supplement Plans as they have several different plans that you choose from to help ensure that you get the right Medicare supplement you need and want.

What The Colonial Medicare Supplement Plans Cover
All the Colonial Medicare Supplement plans are offered through an agreement with Banker’s Life and Casualty and are designed to cover some of the expenses that is not Covered by your Medicare insurance.  Such expenses may include things such as extended hospital stays and ambulance services as well as Medicare deductibles to hospitals and doctors.  Of course just how much coverage you get and how much out of pocket expenses you might incur will depend on which of the 9 Colonial Medicare supplement plans you choose from.

colonial penn life insurance medicare supplement
Some of the Features of Colonial Penn Medicare Supplement Plans
While there are some difference in the coverage and cost of each of the different Colonial Penn Medicare Supplement plans there are a few features that most if not all the plans include that you will want to note.
•    You can choose your own doctor. While some plans make you choose from doctors that they choose for you Colonial Penn allows you to choose your own doctor, which means you won’t have to change from the family doctor you have had for years.
•    In addition, if you need to see a specialist for any reason Colonial Penn Medicare supplement plans won’t make you wait for an referral. You can see any specialist you want.
•    Won’t have to file your own claim forms.  The doctors office or hospital normally takes care of the claim forms saving you a lot of time and aggravation.

Find out Which Plan is Suited to you
If you are thinking about supplemental insurance the best thing to do is to contact an agent with Colonial life and make an appointment.  The agent will discuss your needs with you, go over the benefits and drawbacks of the various Colonial Penn Medicare Supplement Plans with you and help you decide which plan or plans may best meet your needs.

Once you sign up for the plan there will be a monthly premium charged which you need to pay in order to keep your insurance current.  The agent should tell you that these premiums may go up as the cost of living and health care goes up and you should be given a number to call in case you have any questions concerning your policy or coverage.  Colonial Penn life insurance Medicare supplement plans are a great way to find the right coverage for your needs.

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